Hi, I’m Mattie Sabato.  I have always shared a love for the written word.  I would regularly find myself immersed in the words that are not my own, viewing lives from different perspectives; finding hope in places that might originally seem hopeless.  I have been very fortunate in life.  As a managing director of a marketing company, I have been able to put my writing and editing skills to work for clients across the nation.  The more I wrote, the more I knew that I needed to follow my heart and write more, but about what I wanted to share with the world!  It was the inspiration I needed. I decided it was time to put my passion to work as an indie author.

I plan to continue following my passion for writing to see where it leads me.  I find inspiration in life experience and plan to utilize those to create works of fiction.  The current piece I am working on is called Innocents of Ruin. This YA dystopian novel is about a war that destroys almost everyone on earth except those who burrowed underground. Upon their arrival back to the surface, they find the children of war had been left behind. The burrowers are not fond of this horrible reminder of their past society, so they begin to punish the children for the choices of their parents. It’s going to be a great read so check back soon for updates!

My first published piece is The Poltergeist of the Black Oaks, available on Amazon.  It was inspired by a previously haunted apartment I use to call home, but with a twist.

Most indie authors, like myself, work full-time jobs in order to be able to fund their passions for writing.  Because of my full-time employment status, I am not able to create pieces as fast as I would ideally like, and sometimes errors in my pieces don’t get caught before publishing.  I appreciate your patience and understanding when it comes to this. Without the support of readers, indie authors wouldn’t be able to do what we do.  Thank you!

And as always, if you love the books, please leave a review!