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Current Project: Innocents of Ruin

I have a story in my head. For the last year, I’ve been trying to figure out the right way to tell it. I started it, stopped and threw it all out, then started again. After a few cycles of that, I’m now on a path that I feel is the best way to share […]

Poltergeist Book Ready to Release!

After numerous attempts to write this story as a fictional novel, I decided it was best to scratch it all and start over. This time, the focus was to make the book as close to real life as possible, while providing a bit of embellishment to make it more gripping. I am proud to say […]

What’s In A Name?

What’s in a name?  It’s an age-old question, and I’m not quite sure anyone can truly answer it.  Your name is your identity, but is it really?  Your name is a way for your friends, family, clients, and the general public to identify who you are; to know what to call you to make you respond.  […]

The Haunting That Started It All

This is Kira.  Kira was a beautiful German Shepherd who was abused before finding a new home to call her own – my home!  We originally got her to be a companion for our son.  To protect him, and love him.  Instead, we quickly found out that Kira didn’t need a boy to love, even […]

Latest Project – The Poltergeist of the Black Oaks

Yes, it is a far stretch between a non-fiction bullying book to a suspenseful thriller, but hey – as a writer I write what comes to me.  That, and I try not to put myself into a box! My current piece, The Poltergeist of the Black Oaks features a woman, Margot and her son Jack, who […]

From Etched in Ink to Indie Author Page

Hello Everyone!  Thank you in advance for reading my latest announcement.  Over the last year I have worked hard to try to build a brand to help indie authors, like myself.  This task has become too daunting on top of the additional duties I have in life.  As a mom, wife, managing director of a […]

Slacker – 101 The Fox Interview

We had the honor to be on the Slacker morning show to promote the first book in the Bullied But Not Broken series.  Etched In Ink, along with Abby & Claire Tietgen and their father Charlie were interviewed about the book and bullying awareness.  We appreciate Slacker and 101 The Fox Kansas City for taking […]