From Etched in Ink to Indie Author Page

Hello Everyone!  Thank you in advance for reading my latest announcement.  Over the last year I have worked hard to try to build a brand to help indie authors, like myself.  This task has become too daunting on top of the additional duties I have in life.  As a mom, wife, managing director of a marketing company, and indie author – I have quite a bit on my plate.  I’ve decided to change the focus of Etched in Ink to become more about me, just as an author!

I have been working on a new piece, the Poltergeist of the Black Oaks, which will release in the Fall of 2019, and I continue to come up with additional writing pieces as well.  I appreciate your understanding, and I’m still here to help other indie authors like myself find publishing options that work best for their unique needs.  Thank you all!