The Haunting That Started It All

This is Kira.  Kira was a beautiful German Shepherd who was abused before finding a new home to call her own – my home!  We originally got her to be a companion for our son.  To protect him, and love him.  Instead, we quickly found out that Kira didn’t need a boy to love, even though she loved him very much.  Instead, she needed a mommy!  I was happy to fill that spot for my gorgeous girl.

After going through a divorce, I packed up my son and our dogs and made our way to a tiny basement apartment at an old apartment complex.  At first, everything seemed great, but what lingered behind the walls came out to scare us on a regular basis.

Kira was the only one of the pups that could to “see” this ghost.  In the above picture, we had all been sitting on the couch watching TV before bed.  Kira saw something.  She went and cornered it and sat on guards for minutes.  Waiting.  Watching.  We waited, hoping it would leave.  Praying it would leave.  Begging it to leave.  Kira didn’t move.  She didn’t budge.  She kept whatever it was cornered.  It was when Kira started to move her head that I began to panic.  She watched it go from the corner near the front door, down the hall, then out into the shared laundry room/basement until it was out of sight.

Of course, after it was gone Kira hopped back up on the couch as if nothing happened.  Thanks for the scare ghost, but you were no match for my Kira.

This was my inspiration for The Poltergeist of the Black Oaks.  Although it is a book of fiction, parts of the haunting are inspired by real events that happened to our family.

Kira passed a few years later, but she will remain in my heart forever.