What’s In A Name?

What’s in a name?  It’s an age-old question, and I’m not quite sure anyone can truly answer it.  Your name is your identity, but is it really?  Your name is a way for your friends, family, clients, and the general public to identify who you are; to know what to call you to make you respond.  But what happens when you need a new name?

Over the last few weeks I have struggled with my “name.”  You see, I’m the manager of a rapidly growing marketing firm.  I have clients throughout the nation who know me by my name.  And although that is wonderful, is my name worth losing potential clients?  My birth/married name is one I’m proud of, and the work I do for my clients I am also proud of.  However, the books that I am working on are deep, dark, and downright disturbing.  The love of both of these parts of my life have been conflicting with each other, but alas I have come to the conclusion.  As an author, I am going to go by a pen name.  A pseudonym that I love that still shows my personality, but allows me to compartmentalize my life to keep both sides happy!

I’d like to introduce myself to you formally as Mattie Sabato.  This name was chosen based on the name my parents were going to give me at birth (yet decided against), and my maiden name’s origin.  It is beautiful and fitting.  I hope you all can welcome me as Mattie and love my work as much as I do.